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Shari -

Your help and support is invaluable when we travel.  We feel comfort in knowing that you are taking care of the dogs/cats/fish and that they are all very happy when we return.

Kim Epley and David Blue
Alamo, CA

To whom it may concern:

My husband and I have known Shari as a neighbor and friend for the 9 years that we have lived in Livermore.  Through the years, she has taken our Golden Retriever, Pancake in for weekends and longer periods when we have gone on vacation.  This has been a Godsend to us as we have never had to worry about the care Pancake would receive.  Shari has been very attentive to Pancake, and the relationship the two of them shared was quite obvious when Shari would drive by our house and Pancake would see her.  If Pancake was in the front yard with us, she would go to the curb and wait for Shari to open her car door so she could jump in and go for a spin around the neighborhood.  She was always well fed, and probably got more frequent walks and attention than we would provide her. 

Shari has always been an animal lover, and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for loving care for their pet.


Dina Stepanek
Livermore, CA

Shari is a lifesaver!  She took care of all of the school pickups for my three sons, kept my house (and sons) stocked with food, and took care of a myriad of other household errands.  Most importantly, Shari is a very kind and thoughtful person, who is always thinking of ways to try to anticipate the needs of her clients.   In this age of sometimes perfunctory service, do not pass go and hire Shari immediately.  Thank you Shari for all your help!

Bill Pollak
Danville, CA

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